Sydney Coliseum

Western Sydney's new home for the arts.

Sydney Coliseum

Venue Address

55 Sherbrooke Street Rooty Hill NSW 2766

December 2018 News Update

21st February, 2019

With just 12 months to go to our official opening, things are really starting to ramp up for the Sydney Coliseum Theatre, West HQ team. We are pleased to give you some insight into what’s going on behind the scenes as we build Sydney’s next great theatre and entertainment venue.

There has been some exciting progress on the site each day, and the shape of the theatre is now well and truly apparent. November saw some exciting construction milestones with the installation of further structural steel for the fly tower to take its shape. The fly tower is a vital piece of the theatre’s backstage operation as it provides the high rigging system that backdrops and sets hang from and ‘fly’ in and out with. Our fly tower consists of 80 fly lines and is a massive 23 metres high – the equivalent of a 9 storey building. The fly tower has really given the roof line its shape now and we can really see the venues overall structural outline.¬†We’ve also seen formwork for the balcony level seating now clearly visible and the scaffolding to the building perimeter has been removed for the first time revealing the beautiful curvature of the building.

Offsite, out team has expanded in the past few months with the addition of three new team members. Tim McGuinness joined us in the role of Customer and Venue Services Manager and will be leading the operational set up for front of house and core service and operating processes and systems. Mal Lancaster has joined us to manage Live Music and Events Development. Lauren Pemberton has joined as supporting Event Marketing and Event Administration whilst also managing social media channels.

Our recent industry announcement and B2B campaign and website launch telling the industry we are ‘open for business’ has resulted in a number of exciting site visits and conversations with producers and promoters. We’ve had a fantastic response to date and are very pleased with the discussions underway with some firm event ‘EOI’s’ starting to come in. The consistent theme has been the enthusiasm of all promoters and producers, with all clearly recognising the amazing opportunity to tap into the 2.3 million residents of Western Sydney that our new centre will present for them.

There’s lots more happening and we’ll continue to update as we head full on into 2019!