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West HQ has food and drink offerings for all occasions. Whether you’re looking for a place to catch up with friends and family, hungry for a post-gym meal, or need a dining option for a special event, you’ll find what you’re looking for at West HQ’s restaurant brands.

With our newly launched Eat Street, you’ll have five brand new food offerings, plus a fine dining option in Chu by China Doll (coming soon), to choose from. Of course, favourites will remain in Chur Burger West HQ and Novotel Sydney West HQ’s in-house restaurant, menu33.

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Indulge in our breakfast buffet featuring a range of hot and cold options including all the usual brekkie suspects like bacon & eggs, artisan breads, pastries, fruits and yoghurts, as well as a range of drinks including coffee, tea and juice. West HQ members can take advantage of their discounts here.

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Chur Burger

There’s a reason why Chur burgers have grown a cult following all across the country. The Chur taste is unlike any other. Featuring succulent beef grilled to medium perfection, full of flavour and served with only the tastiest of cheese, onions and special Chur sauce, they’re guaranteed to leave you coming back again and again.

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This pizzeria redefines the idea of the modern pizza, but that’s to be expected from a restaurant that’s the brainchild of Stefano Manfredi! 

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