Sydney Coliseum

Western Sydney's new home for the arts.

Sydney Coliseum

Venue Address

55 Sherbrooke Street Rooty Hill NSW 2766

Fast Facts About the Project

24th June, 2018

It takes a lot to build a new icon for Greater Western Sydney. We know that many hours go into designing and building the site but what about the actual materials?

We took to the work site and asked the Hansen Yuncken team to tell us a bit about what actually goes into creating Western Sydney’s new theatre for the arts.

  • 5,400m3 tonnes of concrete have been poured as of September 2018. That’s 5 million kilograms!
  • 1,350 tonnes of steel will be used to provide the frame for this gorgeous piece of architecture
  • 1,380m2 of beautiful glass will be installed, much of which will provide beautiful linear panels for the light to stream into the main foyer
  • They folks on the work site have so far clocked 120,000 hours of work across a variety of trades
  • If you laid out the steel ropes for our theatre counterweight flying system one after the other, they would reach a massive 30 kilometres. That’s the distance between the Sydney Coliseum Theatre and Homebush!

The Sydney Coliseum Theatre is due to open late 2019

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