Sydney Coliseum

Western Sydney's new home for the arts.

Sydney Coliseum

Venue Address

55 Sherbrooke Street Rooty Hill NSW 2766

Meet our Architects – Nuraishikin Salleh

21st March, 2019

Nuraishikin Salleh is the Project Architect for the Sydney Coliseum Theatre, West HQ. Her role includes being the site architect to ensure that the built form correlates with the design intent. 

Nura has over a decade worked on numerous large scale projects across the commercial, healthcare and cultural sectors. Her skills in these areas combines with her experience leading projects from design to construction are an invaluable asset to have on the construction of the Sydney Coliseum Theatre.



Where did the inspiration for the building design come from?

The design of the building is inspired by the freedom of expression in arts and music with the fluidity in its form, curving the façade to create intimate spaces and nooks, and the playfulness of revealing glimpses of the inside and outside through the slithers of windows. The grand stair becomes the spine of the building connecting layers of activities and the pop out windows allows visual connection between the outside public areas and the inside private areas.

The multi-purpose auditorium allows the flexibility for a variety of events and shows. The curves of the timber battens embraces the audiences and allow them to immerse in the entertainment of the night.

The Chandelier is the first thing that catches you eye when you walk across the bridge into the Foyer area. It becomes the human magnet that draws patrons to the spine of the building, which is the grand stair. The chandelier enhances the mood of the night by changing its lighting colour to suit the theme of the event



Talk us through the materials used throughout and why you chose them

We selected the finishes to ensure robustness yet emit elegance befitting to the function of the building. Careful consideration was made to compliment with the surrounding area around this building and make use of the resources available to Australia where conveniently possible. An example of this would be the precast concrete with a local aggregate and cast in a local factory and blackbutt timber battens, sourced from Australia.

Picking up the aggregates of the precast panel outside, terrazzo is chosen as the floor finish inside for the Foyer areas.

Timber battens lining the drum of the Foyer and the winding ribbon of the balustrade, provides the warmth and softness to the otherwise grey tones of the terrazzo and carpet floors.

The elements of brass peppered across the Foyer and the Auditorium areas exuberate class and elegance to these spaces.



Cox Architecture

Cox Architecture is very proud to be involved on a project that has such significance for Western Sydney. Cox has undertaken many cultural projects but this one will create such a positive impact by bringing the world stage to Western Sydney.

The design of this building allows for the congregation of multi-cultural communities to immerse themselves in arts, culture and music, and to influence the future generations.

I personally feel incredibly honoured to be a part of the project team that pushes boundaries to make this building more than a successful one.

This project is special to me because I cherish being able to work on a building that encourages the freedom of design. In addition to that I cherish being able to contribute to a culturally significant building with the possibility of recreating the ‘Sydney Opera House’ that the Western Sydney communities can claim as theirs and be overly proud of.